State Court Case: The Case Of Miranda V. Arizona

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The case of Miranda v. Arizona (384 U.S. 436 [1966]) is one of the most important cases in history. It brought about prominent rights that are still existent today in 2015 regarding interrogations and custody. The results of this case are still seen in the current criminal justice system. However, even though the rights that were given to the system by the court, there are still instances today in which these Miranda rights are violated. The concept of Miranda has evolved a lot from a court case to a code used by law enforcement during custodies and investigations.
The case of Miranda v. Arizona occurred in 1966. What happened in it was “petitioner, Ernesto Miranda, was arrested at his home and taken into custody to a Phoenix police
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It was later decided that even though Lujan’s Miranda rights were violated, it was a harmless error due to the fact that he confessed in court to the murders. “However, the state court reached this decision by failing to apply the Supreme Court 's holding in Harrison v. United States” (McMahon, 2013). The case finally ended when the Ninth Circuit applied what was taken from Douglas v. Jacquez and modified the conviction. “The district court may provide the state court with the option to modify the conviction, but the district court erred in concluding second-degree murder was the appropriate modification” (McMahon, 2013). The case of Lujan v. Garcia was one where a man’s Miranda rights were violated due to an inadequate reading of the warnings which changed the outcome of the case. In conclusion, Miranda v. Arizona (384 U.S. 436 [1966]) case is a prominent case in history that resulted in rights that are still used today. The Miranda rights are a part of the core of the current United States criminal justice system. They have a huge influence on the way police officers and other law enforcement workers operate with regards to custodies and interrogations. Despite the Miranda rights being so important, there are still times in which someone’s Miranda rights can be violated such as during the Lujan v. Garcia case. A violation of the Miranda rights can change the outcome of a court case. The rights given during the Miranda v. Arizona (384 U.S. 436 [1966]) as a result of the case are what has had a great influence on the criminal justice system
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