Spring Concert Critique`

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Sprint Concert Critique INTRO PARAGRAPH: I believe our choir is filled with ambitious and talented young ladies. With confidence, focus, and the desire to succeed; I think our choir could be unstoppable. In order to perform to the best of our ability, there are a few things we need to fix in our songs. FIRST PARAGRAPH: Choose Something Like A Star Our first piece, “Choose Something Like A Star”, could be our most magical song if sung with the correct tone, balance, and rhythm. To begin, the soprano one’s should be a tad bit louder in measure 4 when singing “Oh”. However, in measure 5 they should be quieter so that the lower parts can be heard. Because this is supposed to be a softer song, I think measures 28-34 should be quieter. In addition, the alto one’s need to be more confident in their notes in measures 54 and 55. In addition to tone, we should also work on the balance of this song. To start off, we have to remember that a majority of this piece is sung in piano. For example, in measure 8, we suddenly got loud. Because we were too loud in measures 30-34, measure 35 wasn’t as powerful as it could be. The same “dynamic dilemma” happened in measures 38-41 as well. Last, but not least, I think a few of our notes were off. For example, in measures 35-37 when we sing, “say something to us, we can learn by heart”. In conclusion, we need to work on our tones, balance, and rhythms for this piece. SECOND PARAGRAPH: Choose Something Like A Star In addition to the elements listed above, we should also work on blending and our diction. In measure 24 our vowels should be unified when singing “light”. In measures 66-68 we should try to blend better in the line, “not stooping from its sphere”. In measure 89, we have to remember to watc... ... middle of paper ... ... connection to the song. In conclusion, I think this has the potential of becoming a great piece if we can convey our emotions to the audience. SEVENTH PARAGRAPH: Seal Lullaby Our last piece, “Seal Lullaby”, could be a wonderful song if we fixed a few elements. To begin, the soprano one’s should be a little quieter in measures 9 and 10; however, altos should sing out more during these two measures. Furthermore, the altos should be more confident in the notes and sing out more in measures 19-26 and 41-43. In measures 1-12 and 53-74 we should practice unifying our vowels. As for rhythms, the altos have to remember to hold out the tied note in measures 56 and 57. Lastly, we have to find an emotional connection to the song such as imaging yourself singing to an infant. In conclusion, I think the choir as a whole needs to be more confident in the notes for this piece.
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