Spongebob And Jellyfish Alternate Ending

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The sky was as blue as a whale. The clouds were flowers. That is what you see underwater. Spongebob and Patrick were being their annoying selfs while Squidward is banging his head against the wall. ¨Hey Patrick, do you want to go jellyfishing,¨ Spongebob said. ¨Sure,¨ Patrick replied. ¨Squidward, do you want to come!¨ ¨No, I am trying to read,¨ Spongebob and Patrick are heading to Jellyfish fields. When they leave Squidward leaves his home and goes to the city. He is out running errands. He looks at the dark scary alley that is a short cut. It is a black hole. ¨Looks fine to me,¨ Squidward says. He walks joyfully into the dark alley. He disappears. There are a lot of jellyfish. “There must be a million of them,” Spongebob says

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