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Joy of Living, Matcha Green Tea The Japanese tea ceremony celebrates not only the culture of this mystical eastern nation but boasts the Matcha green tea and its superiority. The only species of green tea used in this ritual. Consuming organic foods and living healthy in today’s society has rapidly grown at a rate of 20% annually according to the film, Food Inc. (Food Inc.). Presently in today’s world the trend is organic and focuses on what is in the foods that a person consumes. Should one consider Matcha green tea as part of their diet, it boast of significant health benefits. The extensive list starts with cancer and heart disease prevention and in addition it provokes the remarkable improvement of memory and concentration. Writer Marlene Nakamoto inspires the use of Matcha green tea in her article Joi de Matcha written in The Island Scene…show more content…
Matcha green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. These plants are carefully handled and cultivated. There are many forms of Matcha but the one presented here is Matcha green tea, used foremost in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony. At the O-cha farm there are usually three or four harvests in a year. The first yield, which is around April or May brings forth the highest quality of all harvests. With that saying, tea made from the first crop is also more costly than later crops. The labor and time taken to cultivate this superior quality tea is another factor that affects the cost of Matcha green tea. The reason for this is that the gyokuru or Matcha tea needs to be under 90% shade for three weeks before it’s gathered for production. The workers build bamboo structures to put a covering over the harvest. The thatches are then laid with layers of straw to block out the sun. The result is made evident in the powerful, elements of these shaded

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