Speech On Generosity

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What have I done to show my generosity to others?
I pray for each student in my every class every day, no matter he or she is a Christian or not.
I listen whatever my students want to share with me about their lives patiently and give them my advice from the Bible guiding them in the way they can see the grace from God.
I spent a whole week with some youth using reusable materials to finish decoration for VBS event.
I spent two months talking to my parents via international calls every midnight, prayed for them, and wanted to let them know how much love they have been receiving from Jesus Christ.

I help my younger sister find her mission from God by sharing our devotion from the Bible, praying for signs God shows to her every day. Sometimes
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By serving as a servant, aren’t those commands you request me to obey? Have I done generosity that different from other people who are not Christians and show exactly your glory to the people around me?” I had been asking these questions to God for several days till I got a response from Him.

It’s easy to say we are generous when that generosity doesn’t cost us anything more than spending a little money on a person that we are not really familiar with or a stranger who needs our help. The real test of our generosity is how we treat those people who God places around us every day – our family members, colleagues, and fellow believers. Of course, providing financial assistance without asking for return is a great generosity; but beyond this are: the love; joy; peace; patience; kindness; goodness; faithfulness; gentleness; and self-control, we show to others, those are indeed Jesus Christ shows to us every moment.

I learned this from a spiritual sister who led me to know God, we knew each other three years ago. She treats me like her real family:
She always encourages me while I am tired of waiting for God 's signs.
She always talks good things about me to others.
No matter what difficult lives give us, she always has full faith in Jesus
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It might spend me a whole day if I need to list all her generosity to me. It is the first time I really realize what is a Christian in my life. By comparison to her generosity, what I have done is nothing. That is the reason I prayed for God’s guidance in the testimony in this season.

God answered me one, “Tell your church what generosity in Christ way you received from them recently, and it’s the evidence that I am always leading your church.”

I went to church where people come from the same home country and have the similar cultural background. It’s easy to build up a comfortable zone since we have the same mother tongue until the day God asked me to come to Anthem. I so struggled because it 's really a challenge to jump into a group in which people have a deep spiritual connection and I have never been involved in before.

God shows me his mercy by giving me several generous people here, they:
They welcomed me and invited me to their groups;
They heard my stories patiently and tried their best to remember my name which is totally another unusual language to them.
They shared grace they received and the experience they had to me to encourage my decision in following God’s
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