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Speech: IRA Retirement Plans Saving for Retirement General Purpose: My general purpose is to persuade. Specific Purpose: My specific purpose is to persuade the audience to start saving for their retirement instead of simply relying on Social Security. Thematic Statement: Starting to save for retirement early has many benefits over Social Security. Introduction of Speech I. I took a survey of thirty BSU students, who are employed, to determine how many of them have started saving for their retirement. A. Only nine people, out of the thirty responses from various class levels, have started saving for their retirement. 1. This is understandable because most of us probably think that retirement is something that is eons away. B. Because we are college students, our school schedules make working full time very difficult. 1. We therefore probably do not think about other places for our money outside of food, possibly rent, and especially leisure. II. I myself have started saving for my retirement by starting an IRA. A. I will discuss what an IRA is and the benefits of one later. B. When I was 16, my parent's and I invested 1000 dollars into an IRA. 1. With an addition of 300 dollars/year, I, being 20 years old, now have an estimated $5200. 2. In the 4 years that I have been working at two jobs, I have an estimated $3200 dollars in Social Security. III. You simply should not rely on Social Security to support you in your "Golden Years" once retired. IV. Today I will discuss Social Security, what's wrong with relying on it, ways that you can start saving for your retirement, and the benefits of saving for your retirement instead of depending on Social Security. [Now that you have an idea of how saving for... ... middle of paper ... ... the time you have retired, you will have made about 1.2 million dollars. B. This is called compounding, the more time you give your investment to grow, the bigger it will get. C. With the earnings you make, you will be able to pay for your child's education. You can even start saving now to pay for a future child. [Social Security is unreliable, with its low return rates and unpredictability, to the point where you must look elsewhere for a comfortable retirement. With an IRA plan you have a low risk way of making money so that you may one day achieve what you consider the American dream to be. There is one thing I can recommend that will help you with that dream.] Conclusion of Speech I. Whenever your retirement will be, starting to save now will have enormous benefits in the long run. 1. So do not start next year, do not start next month, start now.

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