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Aileena Dao presented her speech with the directions by stating a clear thesis in the first part of the speech about her past, present and future. The points where clear from the start, she started with her past and how she is part of many different scholastic organizations in college or what she has been apart of that has really carried on with her. She then went on to her next statement which was about her present situation living in Biloxi and going to MGCCC to ultimately become a pharmacist. Aileena then went on to tell us that she would hope the best for her future in her career as a pharmacist and her move to New Orleans to attend senior college at Xavier. She was proficient with her word choices and didn’t ramble on much about unnecessary things. She kept to her topics.
Aileena really seems to show great skills in both the verbal and non-verbal areas. Her voice appears to be pleasant and expressive! She doesn’t really her anxiety show that she stated she has had since a kid in her speech. Her posture throughout the video seemed to be up to par, she doesn’t really move around too much without reason for doing such. She keeps eye contact with her audience throughout the speech fairly well I though. Verbally she really was proficient in all areas except where she once got stopped up
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She is very brief through out the speech as a whole and goes straight into her past of attending school in Stone County and then straight to her present where she states that she is a sophomore at MGCCC. She doesn’t spend much time going on about anything else and jumps to her future where she says she wants to work in radiology, get her own apartment and keep her job at academy in Gulfport. She then goes into closing and restates what she has talked about to her audience. The speech covered everything the assignment called for, it just felt somewhat short in some
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