Why Medicine Often Has Dangerous Effects On Women Essay

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I immediately found an interesting TED topic, while attempting to start on this mid-term essay, titled “Why Medicine Often has Dangerous Effects on Women,” presented by Dr. Alyson McGregor. I was slightly unsure of what to expect from watching this video, and I wondered how she would develop this topic in a way that would encourage change in the way that we individually and collectively view the topic, whether we have any pre-existing knowledge of the issue or not. However, as I progressed through the video, aside from the content knowledge present, I noticed many different characteristics of her speaking-style that I believe would be beneficial knowledge for enhancing my own speaking ability, and could help others who may want to enhance their…show more content…
Although she proceeds to say, basically, that there are flaws within the testing of medicine, and that 80% of the medicine withdrawn from the market are due to side-effects on women (1:30). The way she boldly challenges the medicinal world so matter-of-factly provoked me, as I’m sure many others who listened, to wonder what authority she had to make these accusations. So in a synopsis of what her speech would sequentially touch on, she proceeds to frankly state, “I am an Emergency Medicine Doctor,” which instantly reconciles any doubts, and her authority on the subject at hand is also immediately recognized. She reveals that medical testing is used on male subjects and male cells, largely due to the homogeneous traits of men, whereas women’s hormones fluctuate too much to provide stable results…show more content…
It makes her a good doctor to want to improve the health of everyone, and she compares her motivation to impact women’s health to the advancement of pediatrics. The anatomy and physiology based on gender and age of humans is simply different, and that’s an indisputable fact, we just can’t treat everyone the same. She also uses small anecdotes of humor to keep the speech from becoming too stale or uncomfortable. I really enjoyed the overall impact of her speech, it really moved me, and it made me want to support her cause. The only visual aids that were present during her speech was a projector that displayed and organized each topic addressed, and a fake fire burning. I liked both, the projector being practical and helpful, and the fake fire symbolizing empowerment. It was simple, direct, and
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