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Recently I have found myself playing around with soy beans. I have been doing a lot of research on the benefits of soy and been thinking about a variety of different ways that I could incorporate more soy into my daily dietary intake. Needless to say I have enjoyed every moment of it. Reason being is that as what has transpired is that I have found myself learning and experiementing with making different batchs of different recipes of different flavors of soy milk. It all started because I had been thinking about getting a soymilk maker shipped from Japan but decided that it would be prudent to figure out if I like the stuff enough to put out the dough. I have now been making soymilk by scratch for about a month and am now looking into expanding my soy cooking experience to include homemade soy burgers with the Okara and eventually trying to make tofu and find other ways to use the soy milk such as yogurts and such. I recently found that the Okara is often used in baked goods and also as an egg substititue and has recently found its way into commercially baked items. Check your nutritional labels, it is there listed as soy it really is simply Okara. So here I am crushing, grinding milking away and was suprised to discover that I really do LOVE the soymilk that I have been making. Every morning I make some of the best Soy protein smoothes that I have ever had and of course they are all organic and processed with natural ingredients, filtered water and packed with protein. Naturally I had to share with a few people what I have been doing. Such is the nature of humans to talk about the "stuff" that they see and do, where they go, what they think (hehe) and was surprised to find that a lot of people that I talked to became... ... middle of paper ... ...nd the likes? I still have yet to hook a nice salmon which I would LOVE to do some day...smoke it....yum! Who knows? Maybe someday I will make the complete transformation into the world of strict veganism but for now the canines in my mouth make it hard for me to fully subscribe to the notion that I am not meant to ingest meat from time to time...but...isn't that what awareness, exploration and conscious nutrition is all about? Putting my own nutrition goals and supposition aside I will get on with the getting on. To make it easy on myself I youtubed the soymilk making process and found that it is quite similar to the process that I use, that is until my new soymilk maker arrives from ....Japan..... SO here it is: How to make soymilk Posted for a few friends that have shown an interest and for all others who may seem care to give it a look. Laters!

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