Solving the Foreclosure Crisis

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I notice that a lot of American politics is about ending major crisis at home and worldwide. Unfortunately the politicians seem to go off course or side tracked on their particular platform or their states agenda. A major dilemma that needs to be addressed in American politics is the current foreclosure rate in the housing market. The issue needs to be addressed because our entire financial stability seems to be balanced on the housing market. When the housing market crashed subsequently the stock market crashed soon after it. As a result of both the real-estate and the stock market crash the banks opted out to tighten up their belts by increasing the criteria to apply for credit and loans. For most Americans who have or had middle class to poor income status it is almost if not impossible to apply for and receive credit now from a reputable bank institution. The foreclosure rate is exceptionally important to me because my family and I were considering buying a home in a year and we almost considered purchasing a house on the flex or adjustable rate. The thought of the possibilities of losing a house would devastate us because we have a young child and my husband and I just started our lives together. My theory on how to improve the housing market is if our government and the major business companies actually work together the housing market will rebound in a couple of years.

The first issue I will like to address is how severe the foreclosure rate situation really is to moderate pay everyday Americans if not all Americans. The housing market has plunged the economy to times worst than the great depression. No one has really pinpointed who is responsible for the housing market crash or the market correction but I’m sure there we...

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...would be able to afford to buy items without relying completely on credit.

The benefits of implementing my proposed solutions are almost countless. First the politicians will regain the trust of their constituents which could save their jobs. Most important fact would be the Americans would actually be satisfied with our government after years of disappointment. Second the economy would benefit because the banks would have their money paid in full and can begin to start leading again. Third, the relief of the credit strain and not losing their houses would do the Americans some good and the depression rate would go down. The Americans will be able to shop and barrow again but not as much as before because we would not need to. Finally after a couple of years the economy would return to an sustainable state and may even be in an surplus in five or ten years.
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