Solomon Northup: A Slavery: 12 Years A Slave

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. Slavery was ongoing for many years, which ruined many people’s lives. White people believed that African-Americans were inferior. The slaves were forced into labor, punished, and treated poorly. Slaves involvement took away the most important thing in human life, freedom. During this time there were many influential slaves. Solomon Northup, an African-American slave who was kidnapped and sold into slavery was one of them. He is one of the world’s most important historical figures. Northup is known world wide for the movie and book based on his biography, 12 years a slave. By publishing the unbearable aspects of his life in captivity as a slave, Northup brought to light the sadism of American slavery. He raised awareness in audiences, and brought national attention to the injustices. Solomon Northup was born in July 1808, in Minerva, New York. Northup grew up as an educated and literate free African-American. He lived a…show more content…
He shared his experiences and lectured about abolitionist movement. His goal was to build momentum against slavery. Solomon’s death remains unknown. Around 1863 Solomon disappeared and was never heard from again. Despite Solomon’s disappearance, in 1984 Northup 's memoir was adapted and produced as a television movie called Solomon Northup 's Odyssey. Also in 2013, the Film 12 Years a Slave was produced based on his story. A year later in 2014, the movie won an Academy Award in 2014 for Best Picture. Twelve years a Slave help people today understand the emotional realities African-American Slaves faced. We finally understood what it meant to be a slave, but in reality, we will never fully know what it meant to be a slave. Sacrifices and compromises are something many leaders have to deal with. Soloman had to put his life on the line in order to gain freedom. Solomon was forced to be away from the people he dearly
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