Software Selection Process

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Software Selection Process Organizations try consistently to incorporate newer technology into their business to increase efficiency, reduce cost, support growth and generally improve how the company does business. A business can choose to upgrade existing software, build a custom application or purchase a new system that will meet needs based on defined requirements. After accomplishing due diligence, a company might realize they are underutilizing existing software and find that upgrading is a viable solution that will meet the business needs. In the past, many businesses felt they could reduce costs by building their own custom software but this strategy has often proven to be more costly with difficulties in managing the product. Selecting and purchasing software for business needs is often the more justifiable option when considering a software provider who has an established reputation for quality products, excellent product support and proven expertise in their given field. Based on the three options provided, this paper will focus on the process of new software selection. Stockholder issues and strategies will also be addressed prior to a discussion on how the software application will meet the needs of the business. Lastly, decision matrices and criteria for a weighted evaluation of the software will be provided. Software Selection Process Organizations must consistently review the tools and applications to determine needs for redefining and improving existing processes for efficiency or preparing for expected growth. Either need could make a difference in how competitive the business is within their individual industries. Oftentimes a review of existing processes will lead to the decisio... ... middle of paper ... ...n a successful implementation. References Burns, M. (2007, December). Top 10 Software Selection Mistakes. CA Magazine, 140(10), 14. Ellis, D. and Banerjea, D. (2007). Successful Software Selection. Quality, 46(8), 44-46,48. Retrieved September 12, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. Roberts, T. (2000, April 1). Perceptions on Stakeholder Involvement in the Implementation of System Development Methodologies. Retrieved on September 13, 2008, from Shenk-Evans, D., and Zamor, R. (2007, April). Software Selection. Community IT Innovators (CITI). Retrieved September 12, 2008, from Software Selection Process Steps. (2008). Technology Group International. Retrieved September 12, 2008, from

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