Software Patents

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Software Patents


For this essay we have been instructed to write an essay on the topic within a fairly investigative techniques that may & affinity with your comaker. My choice fell on patents where the emphasis is placed on ICT. In addition to the major developments that the past decades have occurred A lot has changed in the ICT world on the basis of patents. On this topic I have three good articles found (ACM), namely: The Patent holders's dilemma buy sell or troll Patricia S. Abril, Robert Plant Communications of the ACM Volume 50, Number 1 (2007), Pages 36-44 Viewpoint: against software patents CORPORATE The League for Programming Freedom Richard Stallman Simson Garfinkle Communications of the ACM, Volume 35, Number 1 (1992), Pages 17 to 22, 121 Algorithms Should be Patented? Samuelson, P. Communications of the ACM, Volume 33, Number 8 (1990), Pages.23-27.

The Patent holders's dilemma buy sell or troll

Until 1980, there was no patent law for software, in 1998 there is suddenly an explosion of patents on software now possible. In 1998 shows 95% of all patent licenses to be issued and 97% did not lead to proceeds of all patents that are filed on software. A patent applications now cost between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 and costs from 2 to 5 years. Adverse effects of software patent on Prevention of competition (monopoly position) The slowing developments Patent traders overlaps Patent Cases (eg Microsoft earned an average of about $ 100,000,000 per year) Blocked patents scare off innovation

Positive effects of patent License (s)

Viewpoint against software patents

The possibility of applying for software patents should disappear Why? Often when an invention is done at a certain software development it is something new but based on existing inventions. These are often a part in conflict with existing software patents which permission must be granted resulting in too many costs that ultimately the invention can not be developed by the inventor The big problem is that Patent Office and Court there are people who look at it a lot of sense right but not software. What may occasionally occur is that a number of years something technically is used in the field of software which has never patented. Years later indicted because this is the possessor of this technique which seems to have claimed. Much later than the original creator of this technique has never used but has applied for a patent.

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