Software Development Life Cycle Analysis

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Early detection of faults in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) can significantly reduce the cost and shorten the time to deliver a certain product to market. Requirement based testing involves using requirement as the basis for generating test cases. This paper present a systematic review of requirement based testing exploring the hidden capabilities and challenges of the research that has been accomplished over the years. The study attempts to reveal the facts about Requirement based test case generation and presents critical evaluation of the proposed methods by researchers.


In current practice, requirements are the source of from which test cases are derived manually, but this is so laborious and costly process [1]. With such drawbacks in mind, it is imperative to develop automatic testing technique, as manual deriving methods are laborious and fallacious. Testing process includes test case generation, test execution, and test evaluation [4]. As customers demand more reliable, high efficient and low cost software products, the success of product engineering in the software industry is based upon good quality assurance [2].

Two modes are applied in generation of software products. In conventional way of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), testing software is carried out at later stage; however, it is very expensive, as high cost is incurred upon correction of errors. In second mode, i.e. Object Oriented Software Development (OOSD), testing is carried out at an early stage, soon after system requirements are available. It would surely eliminate the unwanted delay, confronted in the former mode. Along with this it would keep the errors to the minimum level and cost of fixing errors as wel...

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...n Software Testing, Verification, and Validation

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