Sociological Imagination By Charles Wright Mills

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“However, to develop our sociological vision we must do just that: We must be willing to look at our own society with cool detachment, careful observation, and scientific analysis. We must examine the groups we live in- our family, our neighbours, our classmates, our nation- as if we had just set foot in a new and strange land.” (Goode, 1977, P. 3)
In this essay I intend to demonstrate my understanding of the ‘Sociological Imagination’, as well as critically discuss what C. Wright Mills meant when he spoke about the ‘Sociological Imagination’. Furthermore, I will apply such understandings and concepts to education/schooling in South Africa by discovering a challenge and by discussing its public issue and personal trouble.

Charles Wright Mills
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The child will be disadvantaged in the sense that it will affect them publically and personally. It affects a child personally, due to the fact that it affects their ability to learn, read and write therefore, causing them not to perform to the best of his/her capability. It also affects their emotional well being, therefore causing them to end up with behavioural and emotional difficulties because they become frustrated due to the fact that they cannot communicate. This will then cause the child to act out therefore, causing the teacher to have to punish him/her. Furthermore, there is an innumerable amount of stress at home from the parent’s behalf as they are not able to help their children and for some, cannot afford the help. It is not just about being able to utilize an effective communication in the learning condition that is at stake, a child’s self-confidence and sense of self in society will be sabotaged. The child will face difficulties in making friends, as they may not be able to communicate in that child’s language, therefore eventually causing the child to go for play therapy. Furthermore, teachers end up getting frustrated as they are not able to enhance a child’s knowledge and improve them socially due to the fact that the child is incapable of understanding what is being said to
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