Socio Technical Systems

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Socio technical systems Systems can be open or closed. Open systems are those that are linked to t he outside environment whereas closed systems have no link to the environment. Socio- technical system consists of both the social system and the technical system. The social segment refers to people and the technical part involves the software itself, the hardware, and the processes. It is said to have been developed by Erick Trist (1911-1993) Social system is a social structure in general refers to entities or groups in a definite relation to each other. Whereas a technical system is a system that purely involves techniques and no people or organization are involved. The processes are carried out by the people (social) this refers to the employees of the organization and the management that is involved. The social encompasses the employees at all the levels and the knowledge and skills, attitudes, values, and the needs they bring to the work environment as well as the reward system. Based on a fact that a socio technical system design is a combination of social and technical parts and it is open to the environment. Social- technical system is therefore, a collection of processes, people, projects, products that take part in an exchange relationship with one another. The system has interdependent parts that comprises of the internal and the external environment. The system adapts to and achieves its goals in the outside environment. The system has an internal environment comprising separate but interdependent technical and social subsystems. Therefore the system has equifinality. Equifinality is the principle that a given end state can be reached by many potential means when operating open systems. The performance of the ... ... middle of paper ... ...utives engaged with social tools. There is vapor lock between IT and the social computing initiative. Security concerns are holding up pilot projects/adoption plans. The needs around community management have come as a surprise. Difficulties sustaining external engagement. For most businesses that use social computing to survive in Kenya they need to: • Emphasize quality, not just quantity • To scale engagement this is by making social media part of everyone’s job. • The members of the organization need to cooperate The organization should know its strengths and weaknesses. Other forms of social computing include dealfish, Google groups and also yahoo groups. Organizations use the sites to advertise their businesses or even offer services. They make well known their businesses by reaching a to many people in the websites. Works Cited Wikipedia
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