Societal Issues Depicted in Henrik Ibsen’s, An Enemy of the People

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Did a city ruin its chance at success by not listening? According to Dr. Stockman, it did. Dr. Stockman, one of the principal characters in Henrik Ibsen’s, An Enemy of the People, discovers that the town’s primary source of monetary income is the spa, which is located, seemingly unnoticed by the populace, over a cesspool containing many harmful chemicals. After acknowledging his brother’s discovery, Mayor Stockman, Dr. Stockman’s brother, ultimately forbids publishing the find in the town paper. Dr. Stockman, however, is reluctant to allow this discovery to go unforeseen to the citizens. Though a public hearing is attempted to spread the news about Dr. Stockman’s findings, the citizens are not supportive because of many societal issues including: a spineless majority who elect corrupt politicians in a democratic system, both of whom incessantly interrupt Dr. Stockman from finishing his speech. Firstly, Dr. Stockman delivers a speech to the crowd at a town corner about the water at the spa, but when he is interrupted numerous times stating that he is wrong, he implies that the c...
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