The Definition Of Social Work

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Social Work is a profession that seeks to improve the standard of life for individuals and to effect system-wide change through the pursuit of social justice. This profession is classified under Human and Social Services as a helping profession. This profession is divided into two categories, direct service and clinical, or “licensed”, social worker. Within the two categories of social work, there are numerous of positions that focus on a particular population. Regardless of the variety of achievements and accomplishments done by the profession, some critics cannot understand the importance of Social Work. Other critics condemn the helping profession by wondering why Social Work is not combined with other similar professions, such as counselor…show more content…
Social Workers also approach the clients to not only resolve personal conflicts but to allow the client to function best within their environments. Social Work distinguishing characteristics include the emphasis on the person-in-environment model as well as its emphasis on social justice. Compared to other similar professions, Social Work has differing professional values and ethics that include appreciation to human diversity, understanding of social welfare policy and services, emphasis on both social and economic justice, as well as a strong foundation in education. The importance of Social Work includes numerous of explanations. Social Workers help countless of people navigate through major life challenges or setbacks to find hope as well as options to achieve greater things. Not only do Social Workers help individuals overcome problems but they also stand up for human rights and social justice to assist
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