Social Symbolism In A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

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1553 words

Henrik Ibsen catches the world off guard with his play A Doll House. The world is in what is known as the Victorian era and women and men have specific roles. The way the story unravels takes the reader by surprise. Ibsen wanted to write a play that would challenge the social norms and that would show the world that no matter how hard they press, they would not always win. Ibsen uses society’s customs, deception, and symbolism to keep the reader on their feet and bring them a play that they would never forget. The house is big, beautiful, and always decorates the way a house would be. Nora has a nurse to take care of the kids so she will have time to cook and clean. Torvald has a good job lined up to take care of his family. Their kids have …show more content…

Henrik Ibsen wants to make in his play. He wants to let society know that the women are living in a masculine society and that society will not always win in the battle of humans versus society. On page 1403, the book says, “A woman cannot be herself in the society of the present day…” With using society’s customs, deception, and symbolism Henrik Ibsen is able to make his point. With social customs, Henrik Ibsen challenges the way the woman are suppose to act. In the beginning of the play, society would have been happy, however as the reader reads on society’s ideas are pushed aside and Nora becomes her own person. Henrik Ibsen uses deception to show society what they force the people to do. For example, the reader sees that Nora has to lie about everything because society will not take her the way she is. To her, she sees nothing wrong with borrowing a little money to save her husband, but society will not have it. For example, Helmer says, “Now you have destroyed all of my happiness. You have ruined all my future. This horrible to think of!” (1395). He also says, “… The matter must be hushed up at any to appease him some way or another.” (1395). These quotes go to show that society will not take what Nora has done save to her husband’s life very well. Finally, Henrik Ibsen uses symbolism to help get his point across. With symbolism, the reader sees a connection between the tree and Nora. When the tree begins to lose it decorates, Nora loses her cover up too. The reader begins to see the real Nora and how she does what she thinks she has to do. Henrik Ibsen is able to win his battle of society versus humans in A Doll

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how henrik ibsen catches the world off guard with his play a doll house. the world is in the victorian era and women and men have specific roles.
  • Analyzes how nora and torvald are the puppets of society. they are able to have their own personality as long as they fit into society's custom and the roles that society thinks they should follow.
  • Analyzes how the characters in a doll house are deceptive and their personalities are "dressed" to fit in.
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