Social Psychology Behind Teen Suicide

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Teen suicide is a major problem in our society today.

The adolescent suicide rate has tripled since 1960, while

being the largest cause of death between the ages of 15 and

24. This is the one single age group that has seen an

increase in suicides over the past thirty years. There are

about 10,000 reported suicides reported annually. It is

estimated however, that the true number of teen suicides is

actually three to four times that number when unreported

deaths are factored in. The teenage years are full of

trials and tribulations for everyone. Adolescents are often

forced into learning new social roles, developing new

relationships, getting used to the changes in your body,

and making decisions about their future. That can make a

person feel quite alone. Teenagers experience strong

feelings, confusion, self-doubt, pressure to succeed,

financial uncertainty, and other fears while growing up.

Teenagers commit suicide because there is too much pain in

their lives. While some teenagers learn to cope with the

pain, others attempt suicide.

Over recent years, suicides among young people have

increased nationwide. It is important that everyone

is aware of the major causes, symptoms, and methods of

prevention of this self-inflicted death. To further

understand suicide, one must take a look at the different

reasons behind the act itself. Suicide is not a genetic

disease, but rather a series of events that are very

depressing or stressful. Without depression, most people

would not attempt to take their own lives. Depression is a

vital issue in almost every suicide attempt. The victim

feels very depressed and everything seems to be going the

wrong way. Depression is not just ...

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...t suicide. They are usually in

extreme emotional pain. They do not see another way out of

their problems. It is imperative that the people around

these troubled individuals recognize the signs early. Once

the signs are detected professional help is strongly



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