Social Problem Essay

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Social problem is a broad topic, there is “No conclusive idea of what constitutes a social problem.” To define a social problem, there are generally three different ideas to define a social problem, “Something that impacts a large group; Something that the people in a society collective agree it is problematic; Something that violates a moral code.” (Logan) Healthcare has been on the spot light, because of The American Health Care Act. I’d like to present health care in United States as a social problem, because it qualify the three ideas to define social problem. First of all, it impacts a large group in the society, because of its cost. According to CDC, “28.2 million people who are under age of sixty five are insured” (CDC). Second, people in a society collective…show more content…
So the states somehow have to get this $370 million from somewhere in order to keep the current benefits, or millions of people will lose their health insurance.”(cite) Second of all, it messes the wealth distribution. When the very richest people get a tax break, they will have more amount of savings, while the middle and working class people will have to pay more taxes, or the state government cannot maintain the costs, middle class and working class people will likely to lose their health insurance. Lastly, it reduces government fundings. The federal government will have less budget to spend on public service. The current state of health care not only has impacts on individuals’ financial situation, but also affects the nation’s overall economy. If the hospitals stop charging people with the fake price, the cost of healthcare will definitely go down significantly, which will result in increasing amount of personal saving. Individuals will have more money to spend, which will increase the amount of money flows in the community. And less people will be struggling with their finances because of their illness or their medical
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