Social Injustice Essay

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Cause and Effect: Social Injustice Gender inequality has plagued the world for as long as we’ve inhabited it. Women in the United States have been in the shadow of men, not allowed basic human rights, because they were told that that’s how things are supposed to be. Centuries later, women have received many entitlements in which they deserve, but not without the ongoing battle of equality. Stereotypes of women in America after the American Revolution enforced the existing social hierarchy. As their social values continued to plummet nearing the 20th century, the main responses of women included banning together to fight for equal rights, and remote causes such as the “Declaration of Sentiments” helped launch history-changing movements like the American Women’s Rights Movement. For many years leading up to the “Declaration of Sentiments”, women were only responsible for having and taking care of the children and keeping the house clean. They had no voice in politics, but they also had no voice at home. On July 13th, 1848, a group of women, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, were fed up with injustice and began discussing their frustrations over tea. They felt the strong need for a change, like many other women during this time, because they believed that they had positive influences for the society and deserved for them to be heard. This powerful group of women gathered with others and created a form of “The Declaration of Independence” that included female rights as well, which they called, “The Declaration of Sentiments”. (Eisenburg & Ruthsdotter, “Declaration of Sentiments”). This was a huge step for women, because it gave them a power that they believed wasn’t possible to obtain. Although immense ridicule was thrown their way, this was the beginning of a long fight for women’s

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