Social Deviance : The Violation Of Rules And Norms

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Aiman Boudjada Reflection Paper #1 What is Social Deviance? Social Deviance can be defined as the violation of rules and norms (henslin 2009). Looking at this definition however does not give you the proper understanding of what deviance is . What are social norms, how does one become a deviant, who decides whether someone 's deviant or not. These questions ask about several ideas that help to define the meaning of social deviance, which is why a definition can 't give you the full meaning. To be able to understand social deviance we first have to talk about social norms. Henslin (2009) defined social norms as expectations, or rules of behavior, that reflect and enforce values. This is saying that in a society there are rules for the type of behavior that society considers to be acceptable. Going against these rules makes one a deviant. Every society has norms whether they 're based on laws based on a society 's customs or their laws. For example in the united states a male professor’s attire would be something along the lines of a suite and dress pants. This is what society expects of him. However if he comes to work wearing a skirt he would be going against society 's norms and thus he becomes a deviant. According to Erickson( 2005) “deviation is hard to study because it is defined differently at different levels of society”(pg17). He says that “people must learn to deal separately with deviance at each of these levels and to distinguish among them in their own activity”( Erickson 1985, pg. 17). This shows that deviance is not absolute and is something that can change. Becoming deviant happens by the process of socialization and social reaction. Socialization the process by which people... ... middle of paper ... ... based on moral law based on religious beliefs. Hendershot in her article defends this view. She argues that by accepting things as norm society begins to degrade. She uses teenage pregnancy as an example.She also states that soon we 'd be able to agree on what things are considered.This in turn cause society to fall apart. This view how ever is limited. There have been many times where bad behaviors that were once considered normal have changed for the better.One such example is interracial marriage.60 years ago if a black man and a white wmenwere caught trying to marying each other it would often result in jail time or death for the blackman. BEcause of the civil rights movement americans can marry who ever they want. Relative deviance can help make society better which is why absolute view deviance is a more inferior when looking at the big picture conulsion

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