Social Dangers In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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The 20th Century brought about a great many scientific breakthroughs and a furthering of knowledge and how science interacted with the average every day person. Yet the promise of such advancements can be skewed to extremes. A good many novels were written to caution the next few generations against such atrocious acts. These warnings set forth by Aldous Huxley are clear: be weary of social conditioning, genetic conditioning and control through a set of ideals set forth by a world state. By looking at the novel, Brave New World, one can see how the novel can be considered a cautionary tale, and how some of these ideas are present today.

The novel, Brave New World,
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When the safety and upbringing of the world is left alone to an ever so powerful world state some things that have been an erroneous taboo are suddenly accepted as norm within the regards of children. Another horrendous act that the world state has set in motion to help the children is the sleep teaching or social conditioning. During children’s sleep the children are played many a numerous of sayings that the world state wants them to believe. The two problematic treatments of children can lead to the control factor that the world state wishes to achieve. The factor of subconscious item conditioning and hypnopaedic teaching lead to the evident conclusion that the idea of a world state absolute control cannot be trusted and is questionably spotty at…show more content…
The effects include not only the lack of individual thought but also the lack of any notable ambition and or any sense of natural exploration of the world they live in. For example when presented with individual opinions, Lennia is horrified and instantly switches into close minded thought. When one acts as an individual they are considered a threat and are henceforth given a warning and ultimatum. This ultimatum is either go live in isolation, or become a cog in the system for the greater good. This type of world stifles individualism and ambition, which in turn leads to the normalization of anything commanded for the greater good of the controlling power. These sort of actions are what some regimes have used in the world to control their citizens. This has happened a few times throughout the 20th century. Examples of this include the Germans in the 1940’s and the Russians in the cold war. The methods used throughout the novel indicate that the more one becomes reliant on a central power, the more they give up their right to be an individual and consist of only in the moment thought. A quote from a literary analysis by Sloboda Noel provides a clear and evident warning about world states, “By preventing people from reflecting upon their lives-and from dreaming- the World state keeps people rooted in the moment” (Sloboda
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