Social Class In The Outsiders

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S.C. Hinton wrote the novel, The Outsiders about two different groups with a different social class status. The Socs were considered the wealthy, sophisticated kids, while the Greasers weren’t liked so much by society. They were poverty-stricken and lived in poorly maintained neighborhoods. “Most greasers don’t have real tuff builds or anything. This is partly because they don’t eat much and partly because they’re slouchy”(Hinton 140). The two associations fought each other time and time again with an intimidating appearance. They may have on a hard face on the outside, but on the inside, they are people with emotions and are devoted to keeping their brotherhood safe. The Socs and the Greasers have a feud that has been going on for a long length of time. In the story, S.E. Hinton created characters that try to portray themselves as tough in the public eye, when actually they are normal human beings with a healthy spirit. After Johnny was hurt, …show more content…

The Socs and the Greasers know this, and that’s why they try to look as tough as possible, to intimidate the group they want to fight. “Half of the hoods I know are pretty decent guys underneath all that grease, and from what I’ve heard, a lot of Socs are just cold-blooded mean-but people usually go by looks”(Hinton 141). Under all the disguises and acts that humans use, there is a real person inside with feelings. The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton is a book about two different groups that don’t get along, the Socs and the Greasers. The two unions may act like they are tough and have no emotion on the outside, but on the inside, they are full with feelings and are very caring people. After Johnny was hurt, Ponyboy says to himself “A pain was growing in my throat and I wanted to cry, but greasers don’t cry in front of strangers”(Hinton 102). The 2 social classes may put on a front in public, but deep inside they care about others and have

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