Social Anxiety Essay

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Social anxiety is a disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations or interactions. It is a serious social issue because many people are diagnosed with it. There are more than 200,000 cases per year in the United States (Infogr). A person with Social Anxiety Disorder is always worried because they feel like they are being watched, judged, or criticized by others. They are afraid that they will be embarrassed, humiliated or make mistakes in front of others. People at the age of 13 or above are likely to suffer from this. People could suffer from Social anxiety disorder for the rest of their lives, especially without a proper treatment. Some people might not even realize that they have Social anxiety because…show more content…
Many people don’t even have the free time to spend with their families because their life is busy. Many people live paycheck to paycheck, while others work and study. Some people also have more than one job because they don’t get paid enough to afford the basic needs. They have no fun in their life, which make them depressed. Nowadays, people rely so much on their phones instead of meeting people in person. It could be because they don’t have time to meet with people in person or because the technology lets the message out faster. However, not spending time with people in real life increases anxious level (Fitzgerald). They might often run out of things to say in real life, or feel nervous. But once a person is diagnosed of social anxiety disorder, it is hard to be fully treated. Some people might also say that people who suffer social anxiety disorder could treat themselves by improving their sense of humor. It is understandable, but how is it possible to have a sense of humor when a person doesn’t know if they will have enough money to feed his/her children or to pay the rent? Only way a person can be happy is by knowing that everything will ok. Therefore, it is important to create a relaxation routine. It helps to calm down so the person wouldn’t worry as much. Having a sense of humor definitely make people’s life happier. When people are happy, they are always confident. However, if a person is stressed, it is important to get rid of the things that are bothering them. For example, if they are afraid of being embarrassed, they need to fix the thing that could make them feel embarrassed. Furthermore, being able to establish a sense of humor frequent times in a day will make their whole day positive. People need to believe that everything will be ok, and not take their life too
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