Smokers’ Social Responsibility: Supporting Cigarette Ban in Outdoor Areas

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Smokers’ Social Responsibility: Supporting Cigarette Ban in Outdoor Areas Audience: Smokers in the city Genre: An article in local newspaper Results of many researches have proven that concentrations of tobacco smoke in outdoor areas possess the risk to individuals, kids and environment. Even cigarette butts are equally hazardous for environment and many creatures, especially in sea. Therefore, the recently laid ban on smoking in outdoor area in our city is a good move. However, the support of smokers is very much needed to make it successful. I appeal to all smokers to avoid smoking in restricted outdoor areas in ban such as park, beaches, playgrounds, enclosed public places and places of employment. Smoke exhaled by the smoker and burning of tobacco containing items contribute to ‘Environmental Tobacco Smoke’ (ETS) which is a composite mixture of fine particles and hundreds of gases [1]. Several contents detected in ETS have identified harmful health effects. From adopting bad habits, physical burns to health problems, kids are very much viable to negative effects of cigarette smoking in outdoors [5]. High tobacco contents in air inhaled by children can cause many serious impacts on their health such as increased respiratory tract infections, ‘sudden infant death syndrome’ (SIDS), aggravation of asthma, amplified middle ear infections, and vitiated lung function development, and other developmental effects. Moreover, as per many epidemiological studies, if a pregnant woman is frequently exposed to tobacco contents in air, it can negatively influence fetal growth, with high risks of low birth weight or “small for gestation period” [1]. Low birth weight is related with many well-identified problems for infants, and is lar... ... middle of paper ... ...s, which lead to wide destructions. We can see many positive outcomes if you people follow the ban seriously. It keeps the city beautiful and its people healthy. The ban saves expenses of cleaning up beaches and other outdoor areas, as well as to improve the overall cleanliness and appearance of the city. It may also help you to quit smoking gradually [6]. As smokers in our city, you should understand that smoking is hazardous to you as well as non-smokers and children around you. It also tremendously harms the Mother Nature. It is your social responsibility to save the innocent ones. Through the implementing ordinance on smoking, the government is putting its efforts to protect the non-smokers and nature as well. I request you to obey all regulation to care for people around you – they can be your family members, friends and neighbors also. References

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