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Skateboarding began in the 1950’s because surfers got the idea of surfing the streets. Skateboarding started to grow because it made people who could not surf be able to skateboard.
I defined skateboarding as a life style that frees my mind getting away from all worries just going out to a skate park or street with some friends and having fun. Professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler said “For me, skateboarding is a lifestyle. I really don't know anything different. My life revolves around skating. If I wasn't a professional skateboarder, I'd still be skating every day” (Gonzalez 1).
The trend of Skateboarding began in 1950’s because surfers got the idea of surfing the streets. Its popularity continues to grow because as skateboarding start to grow it started to grow throughout the country. The first skateboarders started with wooden boards with roller skates wheels attached to the bottom. During the early years lots of people got hurt. Skateboarding was at its highest point in 1936 and companies starting hosting competitions back than they did “freestyle” skating witch is not like what skateboarding looks like now freestyle was more of dancing ballet with a skateboard. Skateboarding faced its first crash in 1965 people stopped people were getting hurt until in 1972 Frank Nasworthy invented urethane wheels, close to what skateboarding wheels look like currently skateboarding started to gain more popularity than ever. Anew type of skateboarding was born in 1978 low-to-ground-skateboarding currently called flat ground skateboarding, a skater named Alan Gelfand invented a new trick that changed everything the ollie was born were you would slam your back foot down on the tail flick your fron...

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... still skateboarding teens around 13 and 14 were still the most but ages 20-29 changed 86% since 2008”(Meronek 1). I have noticed from my local skate park that there is kids getting into skateboarding but I have also noticed that there is even older men from 50’s and up skating vert in the bowl I thought that was cool how they are still skateboarding and still doing there trend when they were doing when they were growing up. I interviewed a bowl skater named Ricky that is 58 -years-old he said “I loved skateboarding since I was first on the board he liked seeing the growth of the community.” I than asked him “Have you noticed the audience of skateboarding” he said “Yes, I’ve seen lots of kids ripping the parks and streets. He has also noticed the amount of young kids learning how to skate.’’ In conclusion I have learned that there are skateboarders of every age.
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