Sitting Bull

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Sitting Bull was great leader and a great warrior. He was recognized for many things including the Battle of Little Big Horn and the leader of Strong Hearts, He was the Sash Wearer. He spent much of his life taking care of his tribe and all Native Americans. Sitting Bull is the greatest Sioux chief and one of the greatest Native American chiefs ever.

Sitting Bull was born in 1831 in the Hunkapapas tribe. (Estco PBS, 1) The tribe is in South Dakota. (Black1) He was mentally slow when he was born. (Fleischer, 1) His dad’s name was Jumping Bull, and his mom was Her Holy Door. (Garst14) Although some People say his dads name was Returns-Again, his mom was Mixed Days. (Black11) His tribe relied on the buffalo for food and clothes.

His father gave him a pony for his 10th birthday and he named it Flying Hawk. (Garst, 14) Once, he went to a battle on his pony, and he hit the opposing Indian tribe leader with his coup stick (a coup stick is a stick that Native Americans use in battles). He knocked the gun out of his hands and the Hunkapapas won the battle and he was the hero. That’s when he was given the name Sitting Bull. (Black, 14) Other say he got his name by jumping on the back of a buffalo and getting it to sit down. (Garst, 14)

Sitting Bull had no formal schooling as a child. (Garst, 24) He was taught by his parents and other tribe members to hunt, fish, and many other things. (Black, 20) He learned how to ride a horse on the pony his dad got him. (Black, 12)

Sitting Bull’s first wife was named Scarlett Women. He gave her father many horses to have his permission to marry his daughter. The next year, Sitting Bull and Scarlett Woman had there first child. That same year, Sitting Bull was elected to the Strong Hearts, a...

... middle of paper ... leader can make a huge difference. Writing this report changed my view on the struggles of Sitting Bull and the Native Americans.

Sitting Bull was the greatest Sioux Chief and one of the greatest Native American Chiefs ever. Sitting Bull did so much for the freedom of his people. Although he did not succeed he sent a message to all people to never give up and be faithful to your people. Sitting Bull is a great role model for all people because of the things he did.

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