Similarities In Harrison, Bergeron, By Toni Marrison

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Desire Nizigama
Prof. Aimee Record
26 February 2014
1st Essay Draft
Toni Marrison’s “Recitatif” describes his main characters, Twyla’s characteristic appearance on how Twyla seems to be happier on praising her mother’s beauty even she was abandoned. While in “Harrison” Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut defines as his hero who desires to change an equal society in which everyone is equal to anyone including physical appearance, such as beauty. Thus, both authors argue differently on beauty. Making everything and everyone to appear gorgeous could help to build a better society.
To begin with, Vonnegut advises that beauty can make a better society every now and then for everyone. Kurt Vonnegut explores his main character, a young fourteen boy, Harrison considered as a handicap because of his abilities to succeed. Harrison is designated as smart, skilled, physically strong, and better looking. However the author inscribes this story based on Harrison’s mind. Vonnegut plots the conflict within Harrison’s morality because Harrison struggles with his desires of making an equal society. Vonnegut chooses to develop Harrison in order to help us readers understand the meaning of equality in his creative society, that no man or woman was supposed to be attractive or beautiful than others. Earlier in the story the government put laws on individual’s physical appearance that everyone should be equal. But Harrison and his empress were above the average of the other. Harrison had power as soon as he declared himself “emperor” and the empress was “extraordinarily beautiful” by the reason why the government killed them. “It was then ...

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...her seem to be behaving and influencing on young teenagers in the wrong way. For example, most of the girls out there praise themselves that they are better looking than the other. As a result, they seem to be manipulative, disrespectful and meant to others. And this creates mainly conflicts, violence in our society today.
In conclusion, it is true that beauty pleased our eyes and consciousness. People have gone far trying to make themselves look lovely. Consequently most of them end up by getting killed or having some disease such as skin cancer. Instead of having only some people being happier than others, as Morrison introduced Twyla, I believe people should be all equal as Vonnegut advocates in her story, that way there will be no longer such as killings, rapped or even manipulating other because of their beauty. Can beauty help to rebuild our society?

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