Similarities Between Hamlet And Laertes

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet is about a story of a son of the former king, seeking revenge for the death of his father. In turn, his revenge affects the actions and the fate of everyone in the play. William Shakespeare uses several characters as foil: a minor character that reflects some aspect of protagonist. One of the foils in this play is Laertes. He uses Laertes to reveal several character elements of Prince Hamlet. Hamlet and Laertes both love Ophelia, prove their masculinity, and want to seek revenge for the death of their fathers. Laertes is an excellent example of foil since he shares common attributes with Prince Hamlet.
Laertes and Hamlet express their love for Ophelia. As a matter of fact, they are both trying to be protective to Ophelia.
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Indeed, they obviously love their fathers. Laertes, especially, is slightly offended by Claudius because he asks, “…was your father dear to you? / Or are you like the painting of a sorrow, / A face without a heart?” (4.7.107-09). Noticeably, he loves his father so much. In contrast, Hamlet loves his father that he still laments in his father’s death. He express his feelings…show more content…
According to Osric, the public loves Laertes because he is “an absolute gentleman, full of most excellent differences, of soft society and great showing… [and] he is the card or calendar of gentry…” (5.2.104-07). In comparison to Hamlet, Claudius says that he cannot punish Hamlet because the public loves him (4.7.17-18). Finally, Hamlet and Laertes test theit masculinity through sword fight. Before the fight, Hamlet already asks for apology to Laertes for the trouble that he had done in Ophelia’s burial and killing Polonius (5.2.210-16). However, something is unexpected to happen. Gertrude dies from drinking the poisoned cup, which puts Laertes in the stage of realization that it is “the king… to blame” (5.2.313-314). He asks for forgiveness after knowing the truth, and forgives Hamlet for accidentally killing Polonius (5.2.322-23). Hamlet and Laertes both display what it takes to be a true man. This attribute greatly adds to the comparison between these two characters, but another idea that affects their actions is pursuing revenge. Finally, Laertes and Hamlet wants to seek revenge for the death of their fathers. Both of their father’s death is caused by radical conflicts. Hamlet’s madness is a result of Claudius’s intentional killing to Old Hamlet. Old Hamlet tells the truth, and he

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