Similarities Between Buddhism and Christianity

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In present-day society, the globalization, briefly including economics, and culture, has become an unstoppable tendency. With its rapid development and cultural communication, some controversies have emerged. Religious conflicts are characteristic examples showing the detrimental influences of cultural globalization. It is generally acknowledged that Buddhism and Christianity are ancient and global religions; however, whether the belief in Buddhism is credible or not, has sparked spirited debate. The Christian believes the Buddha is a “shadow”, and he is not to be believed. Actually, there are some similarities in terms of histories, main figures, and beliefs between Buddhism and Christianity. In order to solve sources of conflict, the Buddhists and the Christians should understand the parallels between both religions and respect each other’s beliefs. To start with the histories of both religions, the Christians strong believe that Christianity is the oldest religion around the world. Firstly, throughout the history, Buddhism starts with the birth of Siddhartha Gautama, the foremost figure of Buddhism. In addition, Buddhism was founded in the northeast of India in the 4th century BC, and it was the first religion being disseminated by the missionaries. To compare with Buddhism, Christianity also has a long history, but it was founded in Jerusalem about five hundred years after the origin of Buddhism. With the evolutionary development of Christianity, it became the state religion of Roman Empire in 380 as well as an extremely widespread acceptance of European in the middle age. Likewise, Buddhism was diffused to China, Japan, and other Asian countries; after that, it became the major religion of some Asian countries. The facts... ... middle of paper ... ...ere is a main literature the Bible, including the New Testament and the Old Testament, in Christianity. It explained people should have their own life. Do not worry about death because after death, people will get an eternal life. Because there are similar beliefs in some aspects, both Jesus and Buddha agree with the life is non-stop. With understanding of each belief, the followers can communicate and understand each other. On the basis of the above discussion, although there are the multiple problems lead the Buddhists and the Christians’ arguments, the histories, the certain figures, and the main beliefs mainly express the similarities of Buddhism and Christianity. To compare those similarities, it seems highly advisable for both followers of the religions to comprehend and respect other religions; also, reduction of the conflicts should be solved.
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