Similarities And Differences Of Characters In The Sound And The Fury

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The Sound and the Fury is a compelling story that shows different aspects of a family that is slowly deteriorating. William Faulkner made it clear that one of the most important aspects of this novel is the theme of loss. Faulkner gave the views of four different individuals who all had one main obsession, their sister Caddy, who in a way symbolizes the loss that each person endures and the deterioration of the south. Caddy, who did not have a part in the novel to tell her side of the story, was viewed very differently by each of her brothers. This novel tells a story of the Compson family on their way of distinction.

The story begin with Benjamin who is mentally challenge tells the first section of the story; this is one of the most difficult chapters of the book that is very difficult to comprehend for the simple fact that Benjamin has no motion of time. Therefore he constantly goes back in forth with the present and past. In order to fully understand the chapter, you must slowly comprehend when he is speaking of the past and when he is speaking in the present. All his memories have to do with Caddy. She was the one who gave him order. His life was based around Caddy because she was the mother figure in his life. She was the one that gave Benjamin the love he needed. There was a point in the novel were Luster was taking Benjamin and he started to cry hysterically because Luster took him on an unfamiliar route; Jason found out he hit Luster and told him to never do that again or he’ll kill him because Benjamin lost the order he lived with. Without the familiarity of his surroundings there would not be any meaning to his life. The only thing he has left in his life is the memories he had with his sister. When Caddy ran away Benjamin lost the order in his life and the loved he needed.

The second chapter was told by Quentin, which was much easier to comprehend than the first chapter and he tells his perspective of events that happened in his past that he hasn’t quite gotten over. Quentin had a close bond with his sister Caddy. Quentin cares about the old southern code of honor.