Sikh Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

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Sikh Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

Thedefinition of wealth is a large amount of money and valuable material

possessions or the state of being rich. The definition of poverty is

the condition of being without adequate food or money.

Sikhs believe in Kirat Karna. This is to earn a living by honest

means. Kirat Karna places on Sikhs obligation to earn a living by

honest means. Sikhs believe that work is an essential, both for the

good of the individual's family and for society in general. Working

provides for the fundamental requirements such as food, clothing and

housing. The form of work is it manual, professional, agricultural or

social is not of prime importance; but it should not involve deceit,

or any other form of underhanded dealing, or exploit other people in

any way possible. Immoral or illegal work is strictly frowned upon.

Making a living, for example, by producing harmful drugs or promoting

pornography or prostitution is not regarded as earning a living by

honest means. Sikhs believe that wealth in itself is not wrong,

providing it is gained honestly. But to become obsessed by wealth is.

The wealth created by hard work should be used for the benefits of

your family, the Khalsa (Sikh Brotherhood) and humanity in general.

For every person on this Earth, work is a moral duty and commitment.

We are seldom aware that our comfortable living depends upon the work

of several thousands of people.

We should not forget that work is our life-long companion, as well as

our greatest teacher. Honest work for a good cause is the real

'antidote to grief'. One who is involved in the selfless service of

the others does not suffer from ...

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reward, and if you do you are not following the Sikh way of life.

Seva is important because it unites humanity, by creating feelings of

love for others, and it makes us better human beings by destroying the

haumai. Kara seva is special types of seva don't for the construction

of public gurdwaras.

Sikhism also teaches the fact that poor and the rich are equal. The

rich should not be treated superiors to the poor. Seva is also an

important part of the religion as it involved the undertaking of

manual jobs, voluntarily, for the good of others. Kirat Karna (honest

work) is also a significant part of Sikhism as it involves honestly -

a hugely important part of the religion.

"A Sikh should live only on his honest earnings."

(Rehat Maryada)

"No Sikh should gamble of commit theft."

(Rehat Maryada)

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