Significant of the Medici Family in Italy

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Significant of the Medici Family

The Medici were undoubtedly the richest and most powerful family in Italy, In the 13th century. During the renaissance era, there were many people that had a major impact on how the renaissance was viewed. However the Medici family played a key role in the success of the era. From 1434 Cosimo de' Medici is unmistakably the most powerful man in Florence, even though his family's cause has suffered a severe setback in the previous year. After his rise to power in 1434, his patronage brings much work to the city's painters, sculptors and architects. Everybody in the family contributed to the success and through banking and commerce, the Medici’s rose to become one of the most important houses in Florence.Lorenzo was a poet himself, and patron to many successful individuals in the renaissance. After Lorenzo’s premature death, his eldest son Piero succeeded him. After only two years in power, he was forced out of the city. Piero’s younger brother Giovanni was the reason for the Medici family to able to return to Florence. By the early 1520s Giulio de’ Medici Son of Lorenzo. Abdicated power in 1523 to become Pope Clement VII. Lorenzo’s great-great-grandson Cosimo (1519-1574) became duke of Florence in 1537 and his descendants would rule as grand dukes into the 1700s. The Medici family were beneficial to the renaissance because they helped established Florence as a significant city in Europe, they were patrons of arts and culture, they produced 4 popes in an era where religion was very important.

The Medici’s families contribution towards the renaissances was mainly based on how they helped established Florence as a significant city in Europe. Florence is known as the birth place of the renais...

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...ench out when they were trying to invade Italy. Although Pope Leo X was defeated by Francis I, king of France, Pope Leo X was still able to help the papacy became the dominant political force in Italy. Pope Clement VII was the illegitimate son of Giuliano de' Medici. In 1513 he was made archbishop of Florence and cardinal by his Pope Leo X. He supported Charles in the fighting that ended in the Battle of Pavia (Feb. 24, 1525), during which Francis was taken prisoner. The next year he joined Francis in the league, a treaty opposing Charles. Pope Pius IV was Pope from 25 December 1559 to his death in 1565. Under his reign Michelangelo re-built the basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Is a titular basilica church in Rome, built inside the frigidarium of the Baths of Diocletian in the Piazza della Repubblica, the basilica is dedicated to the Christian Martyrs.
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