Significance Of The Color Green In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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The epic poem, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight was written by an anonymous author which consist of romance, adventure and the Arthurian legend. This epic poem was written sometime between 1340 and 1400 in the West Midlands, England. Its literacy period is the Medieval Romance Literature. The color green in the poem becomes a significance as it becomes a repetition. The color green in the poem represents for peace, tranquility, congruity, desire, adoration, richness and nature.
To prove this, I will talk about how each character and places in the poem is related to the color green. The poem starts at Christmas time at King Arthur 's court in Camelot. The Round 's knights table joined Arthur in the occasion festivities, and Queen Guinevere is
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Inside the castle, he meet the lord, the lord’s beautiful wife who is dressed in a green dress and the old lady. At the end of the day, Gawain express that he has to leave to search for the green chapel; the lord tells him that it is only two mile away. The lord insist Gawain to stay at the castle for three days as he presents a game to Gawain; the lord will go hunting while Gawain spend time with the lord’s wife and the old lady. At the end of the day, they will exchange whatever they have won. The green dress represent the lust that Gawain have for the lord’s wife. The next two days, Gawain won a two kisses from the lord’s wife. During the third day, he won a green girdle as the lord’s wife…show more content…
He meet a guide who guides him through his journey and warns him the danger that he will encounters with the green knight; it would be a suicided to face the knight. Gawain tells the guide that he will continue with his journey and that he refuses to be a coward. Gawain finally finds the green chapel in the strange forest. He hears horrifying sound of a weapon being sharpen on a grindstone; he realized that he will die in the chapel. Towards the end of the poem, the knight stops the first blow as he sees Gawain flinch when the axe came down at his neck. The second time that the axe comes down to Gawain’s neck but the knight congratulate him on his courage. During the third blow, Gawain survives it by a small cut on his neck. He does not die at the hands of the green knight at the chapel in which the knight spared him which the poet

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