Siemens : Business Opportunities And Challenges That Healthcare Professionals Achieve High Quality Patient Care

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Siemens Healthineers provides access to healthcare professionals in achieving high quality patient care through its in vitro diagnostics at affordable prices. Siemens has continued to strengthen its portfolio of medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics to accommodate the need of the growing market for therapeutic and molecular diagnostics. Siemens is aware of rapidly changing healthcare needs and challenges that healthcare professionals face. In order to overcome these challenges, Siemens explores and develops new business opportunities, which can help healthcare professionals achieve their goals and improve outcomes. Siemens specializes in products such as Medical Imaging devices, Laboratory Diagnostics, Point of Care Testing, Therapy Systems, and Healthcare IT and Services (About Siemens Healthineers Engineering success. Pioneering healthcare). What are the focus areas of your organization? For example, is your organization focused solely on the pursuit of a profit, or is it focused on corporate citizenship and stewardship, or somewhere in between? Siemens ensures that we provide support where it is needed most. For achieving this, we apply high management standards and strategically focus our corporate citizenships by placing company’s competencies, resources and employee volunteering at places where it will make a difference. Siemens pursues various activities in achieving corporate citizenship, which ranges from philanthropic activities to more strategic shared values and inclusive business approaches. The key targets identified as relevant to company’s core competencies include: providing access to technology, access to education and sustaining communities (Corporate Citizenship). How do these focus areas relate t... ... middle of paper ... ...tions to improve the compliance system (The Siemens Compliance System Prevent – Detect – Respond and Continuous Improvement). Compliance is now regarded as a part of Siemens natural business conduct. In 2016, Siemens is considered as one of the most sustainable companies by various agencies and it achieved highest score in the Carbon Disclosure project (Public recognition and awards). What challenges or opportunities does this present when leading Project Teams?  Sustainable business requires attention of senior executives, some of which might be more interested than others.  It causes a positive effect on employees making them feel proud and more engaging.  Sustainability initiatives cost money, which can be a barrier in a short-term view. Whereas, in the long term, it brings brand loyalty and increased referrals.  It increases stakeholder engagement.

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