Should Zoos Be Abolished Essay

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Animals should live free in nature. This is an indisputable. Some naturalists claim that zoos keep animals in captivity and therefore should be banned. They say that threatened wildlife can be protected in the nature. However, in July 2015, a dentist from U.S. shot and killed Cecil the lion. It was lured out of a National Conservation Park in Zimbabwe with food. First, the dentist shot with a crossbow, tracked for 40 more hours, then finished off with a gun. The hunter cut off the magnificent, black-maned, 13-year-old lion head as a trophy, and his skin was taken as well (Melvin, 2015). Why this happening with a lovely and protected lion in a Conservation Sanctuary? This happened because the problem it is not Sanctuaries or Zoos. The problem is the Humans. Zoos should not be abolished because they are not only a place for…show more content…
The study by Fraser (2009) demonstrates how parents consider Zoos an important tool to teach social relationships within their families. And the results show that parents use the visit to the Zoo to promote social values such as altruism, environmental values, self-esteem, cultural norms, and motivation in their children. Zoos encourage children’s natural curiosity about the diversity of life. Educationals role are above recreation. When people go to the Zoo, they learn to admire the animals. After that, they will want to preserved and protected them in nature. It is necessary that few be exposed to protect the others. People who visit Zoos develop a great understanding and appreciation for wildlife. Jane Goodall, considered to be the world 's foremost expert on primatologist, says “being in the presence of a living, breathing animal, knowing the way it smells, looking into his or her eyes, and above all sensing its ‘being-ness’ can be a life changing experience” for a child or an adult. (Tooley,

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