Should The Incinerator Be Built In Hong Kong?

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Do you know how many tons of garbage filling up landfills everyday? Do you know how many kilograms of daily domestic waste we generate? According to government's figures, there are 13,500 tons of waste landfilling in Hong Kong everyday, in which a third of it is food waste. Each Hong Kong citizen produces 1.36kg domestic waste everyday, which is at least 36% more than Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo. Waste disposal has been a highly controversial topic in recent years. If the trash production rate keeps on increasing, three landfills in Hong Kong will be exhausted one by one in two to six years. Landfill is the only way to dispose waste in Hong Kong. In order to tackle the municipal solid waste(MSW) problem, government decides to build an incinerator in Shek Kwu Chau, with other waste disposal method. The purpose of this project are to reduce the total amount of garbage, increase in the recovery rate of MSW and reduce the total MSW disposed of in landfills.

When it comes to the issue of building an incineration plant at the place we live, people retain differing views. Is incineration as the waste treatment is a blessing or a curse to our society? It is worthwhile to take a glance at the issue from diverse perspectives. Personally, I am more inclined to think that an incinerator is the best solution for Hong Kong to handle waste problem. There are numerous causes that account for my standpoint.

To begin with, incinerator can largely reduce the amount of waste and energy recovery. Incineration is one of thermal waste treatment. The garbage after incineration will be converted into ash,flue gas and heat. Most of the ash is the solid inorganic substances, it will dump into landfill. Incinerator reduce the solid waste mass of the u...

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...lities in the world,

Some people proclaim the idea that Hong Kong should build an incinerator for handling waste problem. Yet, others oppose to the idea of incineration plant since the displeasingexperience of old incineration plants lives in the memory of people and the fear of pollution, incineration plant comes to be a wanted solutions. Judging from the arguments mentioned above, I think having the state-to-the-art incineration plant is doing more good than harm to our community, it can perfectly tackle the municipal solid waste problem. In spite of the plant can reduce the mass and the volume of trash, it should not be the solely measure to cope with waste problem. We have to combine with different types of waste management solution, such as 4R, biological waste treatment, etc. I sincerely hope that Hong Kong residents will agree to construct an incinerator.