Should Killer Whales Be Kept in Captivity?

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SHOULD KILLER WHALES BE KEPT IN CAPTIVITY?? Do you think killer whales should be kept in captivity?killer whales should not be kept in captivity because they have small tanks and a little bit of space to swim. The killer whales need to be out in the wild where they can enjoy freedom. It would not be nice for killer whales to be somewhere they don’t want to be. Three main things about why killer whales should not be kept in captivity are killer whales are desperate, dangerous, not happy. Killer whales are important because if we did not have them we would have many fish, seals, sharks, and many other sea animals. The killer whales have many food to attack in the ocean and if they don’t let them go then the popularity in the ocean will grow and the sharks will take over. Sharks and killer whales do not get along very well so as you can imagine the sharks will start eating many things and then eventually all of the fish and seals will become extinct and then the sharks will have no food to eat and will then die. We all need the killer whales to be in the ocean again to keep the cycle going. Killer whales have a part in life to play and if they are not there to participate then its really bad not to have killer whales in the animal cycle. people agreed with me that killer whales should not be kept in captivity because they don’t have enough space for them to swim in and that they just don’t like being away from their family. Some killer whales are being beaten up by other killer whales because they don’t get along very well. This causes the killer whales not to like each other and then starting to be aggressive with each other. still my opinion is that the killer whales should not be kept in captivity .It is sad whe... ... middle of paper ... ...n why we should not keep killer whales in captivity is the bad things that will happen to our lives and the orcas lives. It is sad thinking about it and thinking about what to do to help, but then you feel guilty and think that you are the one that won’t step up and help endangered killer whales. People agree with other people that they should not have field trips to go to see shows about killer whales. It will be much better for killer whales to be freed in the wild because the killer whales will be much happier. Seeing the killer whales enjoy freedom and swimming and splashing is something really exciting to watch. If people were killer whales people might not want to be kept in captivity because they would want to be free and in the wild. No one can read your mind and tell you what you were thinking but only you can read it and look over it, you make yourself you.

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