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Whales are some of the ocean’s most fascinating amphibious beings. They possess highly acquired communication skills and are believed to have an intelligence level equal to, and in some species, surpass that of the human brain. The biological, anthropological, and marine educational communities have studied the whale in a way that sheds light onto the studies of evolution as well. Yet, there are industries that subject these animals to captivity, hindering the natural development of these animals. Of all the communities contributing to the protection and study of the whale, there is one tipping the scale towards exploiting it for profit: The entertainment industry. Above the zoos and aquariums, who are just as guilty of exploiting animals for business, is SeaWorld. Since its inception in 1964, SeaWorld has been able to create a public image to the American general public that they treasure the protection of amphibious mammals like seals, otters and above all else, whales. The marine-mammal-themed amusement park has attracted millions of customers worldwide to see the likes of Shamu and Tilikum. What SeaWorld refuses to admit to the public and organizations like the Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA), are inadequate living conditions for the animals, disturbing truths in the cooperation’s breeding practices, and how entertainment value is above all else. Although the extinction of the whale is a foreseeable consequence without proper protection, SeaWorld is contributing more to the problem than any amount of money they give to ORCA and other organizations. SeaWorld is a deterrent to the whale’s natural development. Truthfully, the whales’ longevity is shorter in captivity, they are affected psychologically and are... ... middle of paper ... ... as is. The only way they would be willing to change their business model for the betterment of the whale is for a motion by the states and government officials to adopt legislation in order to improve regulatory safety of SeaWorld employees, its facilities and most importantly its wildlife. With heavy enforcement by the states, ORCA and APHIS, SeaWorld would be required legally to abide by the new standards particularly pertaining to the solutions presented earlier. Within the coming years, and the more informed social-media generated generation takes a stand, animal rights will become more of a noteworthy issue in legislation. With continued pressure put onto SeaWorld from efforts such as Blackfish and continued study into deterrent effects as a result of captivity, the industry will have to change its ways of continued exploitation and veer towards progression.

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