Should Death Penalty Be Allowed

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Should the death penalty be allowed ? The death penalty should be allowed. Here are some reasons to back up my strong thesis statement. It is the only just punishment in some criminal cases. Some people prefer prison over death. Lastly life in prison can be considered cruel and unusual punishment. The death penalty is the only punishment in some criminal cases. Society feels as though justice is served when criminals receives what is deserved of them. Most people agree that justice is served when the punishment fits the crime.” The death penalty in the U.S is used almost exclusively for the crime of murder. Although state and federal statutes contain various capital crimes other than those involving death of a victim. Only two people were on death row for a non-murder offense, when the U.S. Supreme Court addressed this issue of 2008. No one has been executed for such a crime since it was reinstated in 1976”. No one has been executed since 1976. The death penalty is probably the best choice of some of the corrupted people out here since some of them can make it in and out of prison no problem and still commit crimes. Some people prefer going to prison than being put to death. Inmates do not want to spend …show more content…

Living conditions in prison are terrible. Sometimes it can be extremely hot or cold, the beds are really hard, you could get sick in and die in prison and the guards won’t care. “ Life without parole is cruel and unusual and punishment, it's making a person live out their life in prison with no chance of release. If there is a chance that someone is wrongly convicted they should get life in prison with parole. If the case is 100% positive with evidence the criminal should be sentenced to death.” There is no point off keeping a murderer fed and housed in prison it's a waste of money. Going to prison makes you sit and suffer for the rest of your life that is a true sign of cruel and unusual

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the death penalty should be allowed since it is the only just punishment in some criminal cases.
  • Opines that the death penalty is the only penalty that could deter prisoners already serving a long sentence. vicious murderers must be executed to prevent them from getting out and murdering again.
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