Should Abortion be a Woman's Right?

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Abortion presents a purpose of terminating one pregnancy that is done by removing the fetus from the uterus. The main debate about abortion has always been based on the matter whether the act itself should be banned or allowed at the opinion of each person. In each case there are ethical concerns that either sustain or judge abortion. As a surgical procedure, the abortion has been executed for thousands years and laws have been changing as the number of abortions has increased. The abortion in the United States went through several stages of changes going from completely legal to illegal in many states and being questioned national wide. I accept as true the belief that a woman should own the right to an abortion only under defensible and reasonable either personal or health conditions because “abortion is a serious procedure. Amputation is a serious therapy for serious conditions; abortion should be serious therapy for serious reasons” (O’Brien, 2003). Yet, what is right thing to do for one woman in one state does not necessarily mean it has to be the right thing for another woman in a diverse state. With that being said, a question has been raised whether the act of abortion should be left to state or should the federal government take control over it?

First of all, the history of the abortion begins with the beginning of the humanity itself. Around mid 1800s many states in United States have started passing laws that made the abortion one illegal process. There was a pile of reasonable reasons that justified many of the regulations such as health issues and poor medical performances that brought the life of mothers and the unborn children in extreme danger. Also, the fear that the American population would be outnumbered by th...

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...end. This of course would require development of a solid federal bureau that would define the abortion rules all state must follow by establishing certain criteria that courts would implement in order to resolve issues of this type.

By and large, personally, I think that our goal shouldn’t be to make abortion accessible and allowable at anytime for any reason, or to hammer the process entirely, but to acknowledge the existence of life of the unborn from the minute one fertilization happens.

But in many states “early abortions are acceptable because they do not terminate the actual existence of something of moral significance (i.e., a 'person'), but rather prevent a potentially significant entity from becoming actual, which happens whenever one uses contraceptives” (Williams, 2008) and that makes abortion an excellent reason for halting one’s life existence.

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