Should Abortion Be Legal Essay

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Should Abortion Be Legal? The topic of abortion has been extremely controversial for years. It has raised the questions if it should be legal or illegal and if it is right or wrong? But the idea of abortion cannot simply be broken down into yes or no, right or wrong and so forth, as life itself cannot be broken down into that. Every individual will have their own opinion on the matter, as their lives, culture, and religion have shaped their view. While the debate about abortion has created divisions between people in society, it has two major groups, those who are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. In this paper, I will examine both groups in depth and their strong positions on abortion. Before I get more into the subject of abortion, you must first understand what exactly abortion is, and how it is defined. An abortion is a procedure to end pregnancy. (1) It typically is a surgery that removes the embryo or fetus and the placenta from the uterus. (1) This procedure is done by a licensed health care professional. (1) Now while abortion is defined as terminating the pregnancy, if the pregnancy happens to end itself then it is known as a miscarriage. (4) Now that we know more about what abortion is, why is such a big debate in today’s society? Well, unfortunately, abortions have become increasing popular with women in today’s society. Women tend to choose the option of abortion when they have an unwanted pregnancy, whether it was by accident or the family just did not want another baby. There are many other reasons for why women choose abortion, they include: rape, age, amount of income, and health. Aside from this, abortion is currently legal in the United States although different states have different regulations. Abortion has been l... ... middle of paper ... ...y of reasons, from experiences in life, to what they grew up with, religion, culture and tradition. One of these reasons has been a major part of the discussion on abortion and is where many Pro-Life activists base their argument. From a religious standpoint, in the Catholic religion, they believe that from the moment of conception is when human life begins. This means that abortion to Catholics would mean killing a human life, which is wrong. As in the Bible, Exodus 20:13 in the Old Testament states that “Thou shall not kill.” (5) This is the sixth commandment out of ten in the Catholic religion. Again, this suggests that abortions are wrong and go against the teachings of God in the Bible. For those who are Catholic and hold this belief, they believe that abortion is wrong and it is a sin against God. This is the view of abortion through a Catholic perspective.

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