Short Story: My Sherlock

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Pink, of course the suitcase had to be pink. No man, which is more likely, can be seen with that case without drawing people attention to him. It would not have taking him more than five minutes to realize his mistake. How did Lestrade not understand that? It is so obvious. I’m at the second dumpster within that time range from where the body was found to end of the time line. There is the usual trash such as boxes, bottles, newspapers, and exedra. Some more interesting items are love letters to a mistress, bank records, a dead fish and some unidentifiable (without my microscope) mush but what is most interesting is the pink suitcase right on top. Smiling I grab the case and start back to the main strip. I need to hurry home for John’s and I skype meeting. Last time he didn’t make it which is not unusual. The place where he is located loses power often and sometimes he has to miss our meeting because injured soldiers get brought in or he gets a new assignment. So I’m not concerned. No not at all. A part of my brain is calling me a liar. Sentiment is a chemical defect on the losing side. I’ve always know this yet John has always been the exception; ever since the first amazing all those years ago. John is the only person who appreciates my brilliants. He calls my deductions amazing, brilliant, wonderful, and many other adjectives. As great as that is that is not the main reason John is my friend. John is my friend because he is different than any other person. Everyone else just sees normal John; John who likes tea, jumpers, Chinese’s food, and junk telly but I get to see the real John. John does like all that but he likes danger and adrenaline. He needs that as much as I need intellectual challenges. He also shares my... ... middle of paper ... open it.” I recognize the box right away. We both have one. Sherlock got them a few weeks before I left for union. He said my box was to keep my roommate out of my stuff. I keep photos, mostly of Sherlock and I and now my gun in there. “The password is 0210 but you won’t find any drugs in there.” I know Sherlock is clean and if he was going to hide drugs he wouldn’t keep them in anyplace that I know about. The woman enters the code and looks surprised when it opens. “How did you know that?” Everyone is looking at me; some look surprised while others look disbelieving. “What are you all doing here?” a deep voice asks from the door. “I knew you would find the case I’m not stupid.” Lestrade answers “Hey freak care to explain why there is a blonde army guy in your bathrobe.” The woman asks Sherlock quickly turns around. “Hello Sherlock” my voice cracks.
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