The Duality of Holmes and Watson: A Comparative Analysis

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The second also serves as a comparative glass on which he and the protagonist can be contrasted and compared. For instance, often when Holmes departs into his depressive, lethargic states, Watson becomes increasingly upbeat and can “elevate [his] simple art, which is but systematized common sense, into a prodigy” (Doyle ‘BS’ 8). Interestingly, whenever “Holmes puts his extraordinary ability into action, Watson is reduced to a slow, incapable, absentminded but always faithful disciple” (Caprettini 334). Doyle intentionally dims Watson’s abilities with the goal that they do not overshadow Holmes, however it is evident that Watson becomes increasingly multi-faceted and dimensional as these abilities are brought forth.
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As a reader, one can overlook “the detective’s social abnormality only because these are attached to individuals we take to be normal” (Gregoriou 25) as well as Watson’s adoration for Holmes pores through the narration and binds the reader.
In the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, the author presents juxtaposing duos that serve as perfect accompaniments to one another. Watson provides readers, who may not possess Holmes ' analyst abilities, with a character they can more personally identify with. Patricia Bray argues that the second character is the "gateway" that permits readers to relate to the protagonist in an accessible means (Bray). Watson has the power to make the edgy genius Holmes a bit more sympathetic by exhibiting the allegiance between the detective and …show more content…

Cohle obtains aspects of a detective those Hart wishes he had. In Hart’s words, “Cohle is a natural po-lice.” No matter how much he learns from Cohle, he will never have the true talent and sheer expanse of knowledge that Cohle possesses. In the same line of thought, Cohle can be better understood in relation to Hart. In a less obvious way, Hart has what Cohle needs. Hart is able to compartmentalize his life; he can separate a case from his family, go home, and be present without his work following him. For Cohle, there is no separation from his work and person life. Here, there are two complementary persons, who like magnets both attract and repel one another. Hart can be thought of as not having enough self-knowledge, while Cohle is burdened with too

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how doyle intentionally dims watson's abilities with the goal of not overshadowing holmes. watson becomes multi-faceted and dimensional as these abilities are brought forth.
  • Analyzes how watson's expertise as a doctor and medical skills are tremendously useful to solving the various cases with which they are engaged.
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