Shipbuilding Case Study

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Greece is located in Southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey. The country’s terrain is mostly mountains with ranges extending into the sea as peninsulas or chains of islands. Greece is clearly a peninsular country, possessing an archipelago of about 2,000 islands. 2.2 Status of Greece in international maritime market In 21st century, Greece is a worldwide leading power in shipping industry as it accounts for more than 3600 ships with 218,000,000 DWT (ships over 1,000 gt), covering 16.5% of world transportation needs, correspond to about 40 billion US $. Greek ship owners are in leading position as they owned 8.5% of global fleet in which 24.1% and 20.4% represent to tanker…show more content…
Shipbuilding is a globalized, technology-based, and capital intensive industry (Figure 8 and 9). This industry is unique in terms of selling as it is solid prior to making and tailored as per the requirement of owner. shipyards, owned by: Central Government (6), State Governments (2), public listed private shipyards (3), and privately held (around 22) shipyards. However, the major share of the present ship-building capacity in India is held by eight public sector yards, with Cochin Shipyard Limited and Hindustan Shipyard Limited having capacity and infrastructure to build vessels of 1.1 lakh DWT, and 80,000 DWT, respectively. Indian also have the capacity to build advance ships like LNG carriers. In 2009, Indian shipyards had an order book of close to 260 ships constituting 1% share in terms of GT, and 2.8% share in terms of number of bookings while China was on top with largest number of bookings of 3523 ships. Although India occupies a small percentage of the global shipbuilding market, the Indian shipbuilding industry is well positioned for growth. According to a study by the Indian Shipbuilders Association, the industry can grow at a rate of more than 30%, and this rate of growth could be achieved through supportive measures by the Government, including incentives for
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