Sex Slavery In Albania Essay

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Albania is a major transit country for sex trafficking. The present issue of sex slavery cannot be understood without knowing the background of how this form of slavery has escalated into a major issue in Albania today. Albanian women were once said to be the caretakers of their family and the property of their husbands. Laws once protected a woman’s honor and dignity and the husband was responsible for keeping her sheltered from violence. “Violation of a woman’s honor was punished in early history with the murder of the culprit and in later periods with exile of forgiveness through reconciliation” (Friman 97). Many people view trafficking as the illegal trade of contraband goods, such as drugs, across borders. “Over the past ten years this trade has taken a giant leap forward to include the trafficking of human beings, mainly women and children” (Davies 40). In 1990 the rise of human trafficking started to become apparent in many parts of Albania. Desperate for job opportunities, money, and industrialization, the upsurge of sex slavery was the result of Albania being a very poor country. The outlook of women in Albanian society has drastically changed over the years and is now the start of a new immoral history.
The numbers of women and children trafficked not only in Albania but exported from Albania for sex slavery has increased significantly over the last 10 years. According to Martti Lehti, “over the past ten years approximately 100,000 Albanian women and girls have been sold as prostitutes” (Lehti 23). Women who are targeted for trafficking are usually uneducated, which makes them easier to manipulate. Many families are influenced into selling their wives or daughters into the sex trafficking industry. In poorer parts of t...

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...a needs to enforce these efforts.
Sex slavery is unfortunately a huge issue in Albania today. It is caused and powered by the spread of entrepreneurship, globalization, and the increase of economic discrimination. If government officials and human rights activists continue to educate the public, enforce laws against sex slavery, and offer assistance to victims, Albania can decrease its role in the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children. Educating people in poorer parts of the country who are less likely to know about, and more likely to become involved in the sex trade is another important step in decreasing trafficking. Educating women and young girls about sex trafficking can prevent them from becoming victims. If government officials would take action against sex slavery, it would decrease the frequency of inhumane sex trafficking in Albania.
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