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Second edition of Sex in the City franchise by Michael Patrick King as a director. The gals are going into their 40’s or in Samantha’s case her 50’s. Female still looks fabulous, but needing a break from the daily life, they are invited to Abu Dhabi to experience the newest hotel in hopes that Samantha’s PR firm will endorse it. Major part of the movie follows the ladies on their awkward vacation in the rigid Middle East and the life lessons learned there. Sex in the City Two misses the mark in its latest attempt at the box office by choosing the location of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates, scripting a lazy floundering plot line and a movie length that could have been trimmed by more than a few minutes. First greatest downfall of this…show more content…
This could be true, but not for this kind of movie, that is simply too optimistic of an idea. The audience want to see a movie to be entertained. They have come to see Sex and the City Two to mentally check out of their lives and check in to the life of four beautiful, intelligent and successful women. Gals are not there to deal with the huge cultural gap, but rather to escape it. Los Angeles Times film critic Betsy Sharkey accurately expressed this when she wrote of the movie “The attempt to be both piously respectful of a foreign culture and to stand up for sexual liberation against repressive tradition may be admirable in principle, but in practice it’s silly and strained.” (Sex in the City 2 Movie Review). If location was changed it would have eliminated the heavy burden of modesty on four not-so-modest women and the mood would change along with undercurrent of the entire…show more content…
Perhaps it’s said best by Roger Ebert when he wrote that “the characters of Sex and the City Two are flyweight bubbleheads living in the world which rarely requires three sentences in a row.” (Sun Times). For the Sex in the City series each lady is featured with her own story line, main character Carrie always has the main plot. The same was true in this movie. Carrie’s plot happens to be the same plot many are living out in their daily lives, a marriage that has gotten stuck in a “rut”. One would hope that after some two years of marriage, living in the city that never sleeps, having no kids and what seems like an endless supply of money that this wouldn’t happen. The remaining plot lines are for the three

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