Setting In The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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In the short story, “The Necklace”, Guy De Maupassant, depicted the style of his setting through the 1800’s. In this particular era it was vital through his story because he explicated the life of a working class or middle class married couple who idolize the rich. It was more so true of the wife, Mathilde Loisel, who was very ungrateful for her lifestyle. In the 1800s, women had no purpose of independent life. Women could not seek an occupation. The primary things that women could rely on in this age were “…their beauty, their grace, and their charm. Their inborn finesse, their elegant taste, their engaging personalities…” (Maupassant, pg.7) Although Mr. Loisel didn’t accept his role as much, Mrs. Loisel revealed more unappreciative…show more content…
The way her mind worked had made her insensitive to life and the one that loved her for herself, who was her husband; her husband who did any and everything for her, who gave up his shotgun to please his wife. Mr. Loisel’s avocation was going lark-hunting next summer, but he had put it aside for the happiness of his wife. Yet, she didn’t pay attention to those types of details, but just the ones sparkling in her eyes. Another example of her being inconsiderate is when she got to the dinner and just completely forgot her husband was even there. Also, he was a nonfactor in her eyes as she mingled all night while her husband slept in an empty room; not to mention when Mrs. Loisel misplaced her rich friend Jeanne Forrestier’s diamond jewel necklace the night of the dinner. Mr. Loisel immediately goes out searching, went out to “Police Headquarters” to announce a reward if someone found it. (Maupassant, pg.11) Whereas, Mathilde just stayed at home drained and stressed out when she could have been helping her husband look for it that night because she was the one who misplaced it in the first place. She was just thoughtless and careless of the fact that her husband was trying so hard for her and gave up so much that she didn’t even acknowledge his efforts or even say “thank you” for

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